Bytes .mobi Global Crypto Currency Pre ICO Founders Tokens


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Bytes .mobi

Global Crypto Currency Pre ICO

Founders Tokens

Chartered out of the Cayman Islands

BYTES .mobi (TM)

This is an elite Pre ICO Cyrpto Currency Project

This will become the Global Crypto Currency

Based on BizBytes (TM) a proven Merchant B2B Batering Crypto

BYTES .mobi (TM) will be a B2C Crypto built to scale

It will be based in neutral Cayman Islands so no government interference

The network will operate on bullet proof AI level servers

Operated on Thermal Energy in Iceland

The famous AI Think Tank HelixQ is the Lead Development Team

Dr. Sol Adoni who gave mankind the PRIME ALGORITHM

Which is used by the NSA in think tanks

The genius that revealed the PRIME ALGORITHM is the lead on this project

He is the founder of the prestigious AI Think Tank HelixQ

HelixQ will create the solution for Crypto

Imagine a super fast Crypto Network

With real anonymous transactions for Merchants and Customers

Image being able to exchange all the top Crypto Coins into BYTES (TM) you can use


This is a 3 Stage ICO

This is Stage 1

Stage 1 will raise $100 Million in Founders Tokens

That will be used to blueprint the Project

The Founders Tokens pool will receive 1% of the final ICO

Stage 2 will be to issue approximately $1 Billion in Pre ICO Tokens

To build the network and create the tech to change the world

Stage 3 will be the ICO of 100 Trillion BYTES Coins

They will be able to run the world economy

1% of these final ICO Coins will be divided by ratio to holders of

These founders tokens

If you acquire 1% of these founder tokens

You will control 1% of the 1% pool of the final ICO

The fact is Bitcoin and Etherum cannot scale to be a real Global Crypto Currency

The fact is a super fast AI level network must run the Network that changes the world

The fact is it must be chartered out of the Cayman Islands

The fact is many programmers will be needed to create the crypto solution for the world

Dr. Adoni’s Algorithms from HelixQ

Have been used to publicly predict major movements in Crypto Values recently

He warned a major drop would hit Bitcoin in December 2017

48 hours later it dropped to the 11K range from near record highs

He warned Ripple would explode in value

Becoming one of the largest market caps in Crypto

48 hours later Ripple shot up from $1.00 to over $4.00

Becoming the 2nd largest market cap coin in Crypto

Articles above have TIME STAMPED PROOF

Dr. Adoni predicted all recent major moves in Crypto

Dr. Adoni is considered by many

To be the greatest genius in history

Not only did he reveal the PRIME ALGORITHM

An algorithm that eluded the greatest math geniuses for thousands of years

He created EOE theory used to predict major quakes

He created PDF theory used by Nasa to find new planets

Dr. Adoni is the Greatest mind is history

He understands what it will take

To create the first truly Global Crypto Currency

It is not Bitcoin, it is not Etherum

It is BYTES .mobi

In Dr. Adoni’s 2014 Book Bitcoin Algorithm

Dr. Adoni predicted the staggering increase in the value in Bitcoin

That we recently witnessed

He predicted Bitcoin would not scale

He predicted his think tank would give this solution to the world

Dr. Adoni theorized Holographic Universe Theory over 40 years ago

In a think tank at the age of only 16

He has over 40 years of experience working with encryption

His discoveries included

The Prime Algorithm

EOE Theory (Elliptical Orbit Effect)

PDF Formula (Planetary Distance Formula)

He is the author over 100 Books

He is the author of Bitcoin Algorithm

He is the founder of 1 Media

1 Media operates over 300 Business and Search Portals

He has founded numerous software and tech companies

Over his career in technology that has spanned 5 decades

BYTES Global Crypto Currency
BYTES Global Crypto Currency


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