BANQ Cayman Island Crypto Bank Pre ICO Project


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Cayman Island Crypto BANQ

BANQ .mobi

Pre ICO Project

Crypto BANQ Chartered in Cayman Islands

This is a Pre ICO Project

That will be chartered out of Cayman Islands

They will feature Anonymous Accounts

Protected by the liberal rules of Cayman Island Banking

Stage 1 is 10 Million Founders Tokens

Valued at $1.00 Each

This will be the founders Pool

This will allow us to develop the platform

And obtain necessary licenses in Cayman Islands

Founders Tokens will redeem for 10% Pool of ICO Coins

If you obtain 1% of Founders Tokens

You will control 1% of the 10% ICO Pool as an example

Stage 2 will be an ICO for 1 Billion ICO Coins

Purchase Pre ICO Founders Tokens Here


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